Dayan Martinez

In this new section, it would probably do to make a profile for each Inkblotter. But who am I to talk about you? You should probably talk about you. So here we go. I’ll jump in first and lead the charge.



Name: Dayan Martinez

Profession: Middle School Science Teacher

Ambition: To publish, become famous and rich (candidly speaking)

Influences: Stephen King (Dark Tower), Isobelle Carmody (Obernewtyn), Jim Butcher (Dresden Files),  Ellen Kushner and Delia Sherman (The Fall of the Kings), Anne Rice (Mayfair Witches), Neil Gaiman (American Gods), Gregory Maguire (Wicked series), Sergei Lukyanenko (Night Watch series).

Published? No yet

Seeking publication? Sure, but leaning towards self-publishing, now.

Writing Ideas? Half a dozen “good ones” awaiting development

Willing to co-author? Definitely!

Current Writing Projects/Ideas:

  • Books of the Shadowlight
    • Six novels in a series
    • About four people caught up in a mystic chess-game between two great magical forces in the world
    • Themes are responsibility, free will and the lack thereof, intrigue and trust
  • Novels of San Marcos
    • based on a pen-and-paper RPG played with friends, set in St. Marks, Florida
    • Many games and stories played, but probably shall be rolled into a few books only
    • Dark, magic, lots of ancient history bubbling up into the past, and a power everyone covets
  • The Darkheart Trilogy (YA)
    • Set in an alien world that’s tidally locked
    • Hypermutated, bipedal species ignorant of their role and purpose
    • Protagonist’s accidental (“fated”) connection to a powerful and coveted weapon
    • Technological magic system the natives don’t understand at all
  • A post-apocalyptic story tentatively titled “Our Killer Sun”
  • Counterpart (my first alien/scifi story)
  • Superimposition (story about alternate realities and madness)