Oh, the possibilities!

It was a sunny day when the idea struck me.

Okay, fine, it didn’t so much strike as bubbled upward from a dark lair and somersaulted onto my consciousness, already speculating on revenue and expensive vacations on sandy beaches. It was a logical idea, the natural conclusion to a train of thought already triggered into existence the night before. My friend Chris segued into a rant about self-publishing (okay, so maybe it was provoked) and ebooks and stuff. We had been discussing our novel-writing ambitions and it seemed quite logical. Or perhaps everything seems logical in retrospect.

Many things had been floating around my head for days, now. Like how I am so hopelessly stuck in the revision/editing phase of my first novel (second draft, 90,000 words), and how so many of my friends were also amateur writers, and how broke we all were, some money would be nice after all, especially if it came from doing something I loved. And then I saw Dan’s post about wanting to start a writing project, asking Facebook-world about what idea he should go with.

So, when the idea came, I pretty much rushed to Facebook and wrote it all down. What a loser. Status updated it like my latest fling with the mouse and some porn-star’s casting video blog. And that got me to the next logical step on this critter’s evolution:

Hey, duuuuuuude, what if, like, you get a WordPress blog and add a forum to it, and spend all your time cultivating yours and your friend’s writing career?

Well, it would be a neat thing, if it ever paid up. The payout would be in someone to share this lonely-lonely life of writing with. They would all understand and we could all support each other.

Right! It’d be awesome.

I agree. Let’s do it.

Well, where do we start?

Why, of course, we start with a logo. Branding my friend! Branding!

But it probably shouldn’t be a public thing… Let’s keep it private.

Dude, everyone sees every keystroke ever pressed online. It has to look good. Plus, it’ll inspire us if we have a nifty internet-lair to call our own.

I suppose. What’s our color scheme?

Dunno, let’s skulk around a bit and see what pops up. I bet WordPress has some neat themes…

(Thirty minutes later)

Ooooooh! I likie!

Told ya this would be fun! I always know best… all logical and stuff, I am.

Sure thing, Smeagol. Just remember to stop ranting before they figure out this whole this is being written 3 days after the fact, and you’re just typing to yourself out of some dubious sense of hightened drama.


The boldface wasn’t lying. It’s three days later and nearly Friday. I want to be able to show my friends some product they can cling to. One of our proposed “bylaws” is to criticize (constructively) the heck out of each other’s works. Because we might as well beat each other up and build up callouses, you know, before the rest of the world has a go at us and our work. We’re sensitive folk. Don’t judge.

How will this all pan out? What will be the ultimate structure of this place? Will it even get picked up for a first season?

Who knows! I’m just writing the introductory post to erase the standard one WordPress comes with.