And, who are we?

We are a group of lazy, creative, and somewhat highly educated gamers bent on some twisted sense of immortality–as made famous by the heroes of Classical Greece. That is, we want fame, damn it! Our goal, in banding together, is to have a forum where we can mutually encourage, criticize, and support each other’s struggling, incipient writing careers.

How to do this? Well, first we need a fancy logotype done in Photoshop to prove we’re snazzy and “with it” (whatever it is we’re with). Next, we proclaim in bold print that our ambitions are not merely sky high. No, we aim higher than that. So high we can’t really conceptualize our goals, and hence, our current state of unproductive apathy. Or is it lethargy? They couldn’t possibly be mutually exclusive states, so I’ll pick BOTH. Yes, on with it! Finally, we plan to congregate around this here focus of online power. We plan to pray to muses, and devils, and Stephen King, to grant us the energy to pursue our goals.

Shall we succeed? Well, that’s for us to attempt and you to find out. It’s a blog, ain’t it? Subscribe.


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